Assessor’s office announces upgrades to real property website

Jefferson County Assessor Yvonne Humphrey announced today her office’s recent upgrades to, Jefferson County’s online real property website.

Besides minor interface upgrades to the website and property information already available on all properties, users will now be able to access parcel boundary maps. This upgrade was provided by DataScout LLC at no additional cost to Jefferson County or to the public.

Humphrey said in a press release that she is excited about the addition. Not all of the county has yet been mapped, but Humphry said the maps will be expanded over time.

Another addition is geared toward real-estate professionals and allows searches to be customized with 40 different fields of options. In addition to this more powerful search engine, subscribers will be able to utilize the interactive map viewer which allows for point-and-click parcel identification and displays many layers such as section-township-range, oil and gas wells, school districts boundaries, soil type layers, public land, etc., as well as incorporating measuring and print tools within the map.