State education board to address Dollarway’s future

The Arkansas State Board of Education will meet in Little Rock Monday at 9 a.m. to discuss a number of issues including consideration of the accredited probationary status of Dollarway High School for two consecutive years.

The meeting will take place at the Arkansas Department of Education Arch Ford Building, 4 State Capitol Mall in Little Rock.

Dollarway High School has been identified by the Department of Education as being in probationary status for two consecutive school years: 2010-2011 for a licensure violation; and 2011-2012 for transcript irregularities.

The Dollarway School District was notified in writing May 1 and given until May 15 to file an appeal but did not do so. The district received an invitation to appear before the state board Monday.

If the board confirms the probationary status determination at the meeting, it is required to take at least one of eight possible actions, including:

• Require a school district to reorganize or reassign the administrative, instructional, or support staff of a public school;

• Require a school or school district to institute and fully implement a curriculum that is based on state academic content and achievement standards, including providing appropriate professional development at the cost of the school district;

• Remove a particular school from the jurisdiction of a school district and establish alternative public governance and supervision of the school or schools;

• Require a school district to close down or dissolve a particular school or schools within a school district;

• Annex a school district or districts or parts thereof with another receiving school district or districts;

• Consolidate a school district or districts or parts thereof to form a resulting district;

• Reconstitute the leadership of a school district by removing permanently or suspending on a temporary basis the superintendent of the school district or any particular board members of a school district;

• Take any other appropriate action allowed by law which is determined by the state board to assist and address a school or school district failure to meet the standards for accreditation.