ICVR invites community to homicide discussion

The Interested Citizens for Voter Registration Weed and Seed leaders thank residents for attending the Pine Bluff City Council Public Safety meeting Tuesday and now ask that people attend a meeting about reducing violence.

“Please join us at ‘The Community Table’ Going Beyond the Comfort Zone, Black on Black Homicides and Crimes — a growing Pine Bluff Epidemic,” Rev. Jesse Turner, executive director of ICVR said in a press release.

The event, the Community Table, will be held at 6 p.m. Nov. 29 at Greater Deliverance Ministry, 2401 S. Main St., (behind Greater Fellowship Ministries in Watson Convocation Center.)

“We need the elected officials and even a greater number from the entire community to participate,” he said.

Derrick L. Newby Sr., an ICVR official, said the meeting will deal with the black on black homicide epidemic.

“We encourage citizens to call their council members and encourage them and this administration to support the Shot Spotter gunfire location and detection technology. We believe the safety of our law enforcement officers and community should be a number one priority,” he said.

“ICVR has worked closely with the Weed and Seed Program and we believe the law enforcement component of Weed and Seed can be expanded to include all of Pine Bluff. Weed and Seed has a successful written crime strategy already in place,” Newby said.

Details: Send an e-mail to pbicvr@aol.com or call 536-7274.