White Hall Garden Club hears program on container gardens

Janet Black, Pine Bluff Master Gardener, was introduced by program chairman, Gwen Henry, during a recent meeting of the White Hall Garden Club.

Black demonstrated how to put together a container garden for the club’s first fall session. Black uses P. Allen Smith’s guidelines with three shapes — tall and spikey, round or full, and cascading. Most of her plants are in containers, she said. She advised the group to use a clean container and good potting mix that has slow-release fertilizer. She said it’s best to keep the tallest plant’s soil line about 1 inch below the rim of the pot.

Black said it’s important not to mix shade plants with sun plants in the same pot. She made a container garden of wind mill palm, strawberry begonia, and red salvia during the program. Some plants recommended for container gardens are caladium, snapdragon, impatiens, ivy, begonia, hosta, oxalis, dianthus, ornamental cabbage, rose moss, petunias and lantana.

The garden was won by Delores Kelly. Black provided a handout of her program for members.

Prior to the program, members were served refreshments provided by hostesses Cathy Currington, Kelly, Henry and Brenda Simmering. The business meeting followed the program, led by Simmering.

Henry gave a preview of programs for the coming fall and winter. It was announced the October meeting would be on “Decorative Pots for the Thanksgiving Table” by Simmering. Joann Gregory, social chairman, asked everyone to think about a Harvest Time social and give ideas the next meeting.

Door prizes were won by Cathy Walker, Simmering and Doris Earnest. New member, Brenda Doucey, was introduced and welcomed by Simmering. Members attending the meeting were Henry, Currington, Kelly, Earnest, Rana McClain, Gregory, Simmering, Carol Grant and Walker.

The Garden Club meets the third Monday of each month from September through May at 6:30 p.m., at the Pine Bluff National Bank Community Room. For more information, call Grant at 870-247-0411.