WC Lions Club to sponsor rabies clinic Saturday

The Watson Chapel Lions Club will conduct a rabies clinic from 9 a.m. until noon Saturday at the north entrance of the Watson Chapel Junior High School.

Vaccinations for dogs and cats are $8. Many other pet medicines will be available. There will be a licensed veterinarian present to administer all shots. All proceeds will go to the various community service programs of the Lions Club.

The purpose of the clinic is to help people to have their pets vaccinated to prevent the spread of rabies. According to healthy.arkansas.gov, there were 131 reported cases of rabies in 2012, compared to 60 in 2011. Animals infected included bats, cats, cows, dogs, skunks and horses.

When contacted, Dr. Sam Cheeseman of the Oak Park Animal Hospital, stated cats and dogs should get rabies vaccinations once a year to help prevent the disease, a news release said.

Details: Contact Vickie Miller at 870-489-3868.