Tavia Washington shares lessons she learned at Boys & Girls Club

When the school bell rings at the end of most days, many of Jefferson County’s children face tough decisions and tremendous pressure to take part in behaviors and activities that can seriously dismantle their lives and ruin their futures, says Leslie Peters, chief professional officer of the Boys & Girls Club of Jefferson County.

The Boys & Girls Club provides a safe haven for children during these hours. What better way to learn how the Boys & Girls Club helps children than to read what members have to say about time spent there.

Tavia Washington, a former member of the Boys & Girls Club of Jefferson County and daughter of Wanda Washington, states, see “What I have Learned”:

“I have been attending the Boys and Girls Club of Jefferson County since the age of 4. I am now 16. As a member of the Boys and Girls Club I have seen so many different types of people for instance, the mentor, James Britt — a person that you can go to when you’re confused and do not know which way to turn with your problem; the strong educator, Ms. Jay — the one that can show you that you need education to make me a strong minded person and not running around chasing boys. She motivated me and showed how to motivate others.

Being around so many different personalities, a great staff, has taught me to be an outgoing person, a great leader, and an outstanding student. When I needed help with a certain assignments I knew I could count on the staff to help me. Being there has made me the person I am today. I have became a great speaker and motivator. I plan on taking these lessons with me in life as I finish my senior year of high school.

Every now and then, I come back to visit the Boys and Girls Club to volunteer and mentor the children. Mentoring the children helps me to bestrode the privileges I had when I went there. I see myself in the faces of the children that I am or have mentored. As I submerge into my quest of life I see how important it was to attend the Boys and Girls Club, and as I looked forward towards my future I see myself as successful and compassionate as the men and women directed my life down a great path.