Star City art students draw power from the grid

Star City High School art students have learned to electrify their artwork by drawing power from the grid.

Students in Roger Darren High’s art I class at Star City High School recently amped up their drawing skills by learning to use the grid technique to illustrate and enlarge a photograph.

The grid technique is a method used to draw images accurately from a photograph using a graph, helping artists save a lot of energy.

Students must first use a ruler to draw a square grid on the photograph. The students then create a grid on their drawing paper that is proportional or has the same number of squares as the grid on the photograph.

While the grids must be proportional, the size of the grid on the drawing paper is often bigger allowing for an enlarged drawing of the image. The grid technique allows for artists to create accurate enlargements of photographs for large scale drawings, paintings, posters, and murals.

Once the grids have been created students examine the gridded photograph and create their drawing by focusing on the lines, shapes, and values within each square one at a time.

The grid technique allows students to use a transfer method to replicate an image in order to create shockingly more realistic and accurate drawings from a photograph.

The students will use the grid technique in order to generate self-portraits, drawings, and paintings throughout the rest of the year.

The grid drawings are currently lighting up the hallways at Star City High School.