Star City art students choose Obama over Romney

Election polls often survey Americans with questions about presidential candidates such as “Who would you rather have dinner with?” or “Who do you trust?” in order to determine which candidate is most likely to win the election. But which candidate would you rather draw?

Star City High School students in Roger Darren High’s art I classes were recently given the option to draw either Republican presidential candidate, Gov. Mitt Romney, or Democratic presidential candidate, President Barack Obama.

Fifty-four percent of the students elected to draw President Barack Obama compared with 46 percent of who chose to draw Gov. Mitt Romney.

The results mirror the national polls that show a tight race between the two candidates.

The students were required to create a drawing of one of the presidential candidates of their choice by working from a photograph of the person.

Students used the grid technique to graph the photo in order to accurately enlarge and illustrate the image by focusing on the lines, shapes, and values within each square one at a time.

The completed drawings are currently on display at Star City High School.