St. Joseph Catholic School students write book

In December, four juniors at St. Joseph Catholic School began writing a novel entitled, “America: Land of the Free, Home of the Genetically Altered.”

During the months leading up to the writing of the book, the students witnessed incredible discord in the country as the campaigns for the presidential election reached their peaks. Shortly thereafter, they developed their views into an allegorical warning that tells of how necessary and good it is for antagonistic parties to work together.

The story follows a group of four characters through an underworld of the students’ creation that is comprised of two super-powered groups, Genomes and Cells, who control the Democrats and Republicans respectively and lead those groups in an attempt to destroy the other so that they can develop the United States in the manner they deem best. Their existence is threatened when a new faction arises with unprecedented powers and promises to destroy all Genomes and Cells. The four main characters, who are both Genomes and Cells, and get along as poorly as the factions they are a part of, must rise above their disagreements and dislike to combat this new faction and protect their country.

The project provided the students an opportunity to showcase the talent and academic prowess that they have developed at St. Joseph Catholic School. The novel was submitted to the publisher on March 15 and will likely be available for sale in late May or early June through and other retailers.