Southeast Arkansas TEA Party hosts Patriot Camp

The Living Word Fellowship Church at Monticello was recently converted to a hub of patriotism, flag etiquette, American history and fun during Southeast Arkansas TEA Party’s Patriot Camp.

More than 30 children attended the five three-hour sessions where they were engaged in crafts such as decorating pillowcases to be filled with useful items to be sent to troops who are deployed overseas. They attended classes about the history of the country from the early settlement days through the War of 1812, and played games such as “Pin the Tail on a Redcoat” and “The Minuteman Relay”. They learned the Preamble to the Constitution, patriotic songs and about American heroes such as Nathan Hale, John Paul Jones, and Thomas Jefferson.

Members of Monticello’s American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars presented a program on the importance of showing respect for the American flag and its history. They gave the children books and pamphlets which further explain the history of the country and the flag.

Curtis Coleman, candidate for Arkansas governor, addressed the camp attendants with a wonderful presentation about the winning of the Revolution and the important characters who played a part in it. Besides the lessons in history and patriotism, Coleman gave the children an extremely important lesson to ponder.

He said, “Just remember that these heroes of American Revolution and founding of our country were real people who had lives, jobs, families and problems just like we all do. And the lesson that they taught us is that God wants us to be the best person we can be. Just remember this, you are the only ‘you’ that there will ever be; so always be the best ‘you’ possible.”

The members of the Southeast Arkansas TEA Party hope that Patriot Camp taught the children that our freedoms and our responsibilities as citizens are extremely important, and that it is up to each of us to serve as good citizens in our communities and our country.