Retired PBHS teachers to present book review at First Baptist Church

Sue Smith and Etoyle Mouser, retired Pine Bluff High School teachers, will review “The Lady of The Rivers” at 10 a.m. Saturday in the fellowship hall of First Baptist Church, 6501 S. Hazel St.

“The Lady of The Rivers” is a fascinating historical fictional novel (War of Roses) that reflects King Henry VI’s reign as though Philippa Gregory were there herself. The book is a No. 1 New York Times Bestseller and one of Gregory’s latest books. She has over 20 published historical books of fact and fiction to her credit.

It is the story of the real-life mother of the white queen of Great Britain. Descended from Helusina, the river goddess, the principal character, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, displays a gift of second sight which affords her the ability to foresee future events. Unfortunately, psychic awareness is a dangerous possession at a time when accusations of witchcraft was punished by painful, fiery deaths. She witnessed the burning at the stake of Joan of Arc, making her realize the danger for a woman living in the 1400s who dared to dream and to step outside the role of tradition.

As a notoriously beautiful young woman, it isn’t long until Jacquetta captures the eye of the Duke of Bedford, a much older man and one of the most powerful men in England. At 17, she becomes his bride and leaves France to begin a new life in England as part of the royal court of King Henry VI, where intrigue and treachery run rampant. When her husband dies only two years into marriage, Jaquetta marries her husband’s squire and trusted companion. They ended up having over twelve children, which was an incredible feat, especially since Richard spent a lot of time away at war.

Gregory brings to life moments in history in an extraordinary way, giving “The Lady of the Rivers” a perfect mixture of history, romance, action, and intrigue.

Mouser is the wife of the late William “Bill” Mouser. They have two sons, Kirby Mouser and wife, Rosalyn McClanahan Mouser; and Scott Mouser and wife, Tina Brumett Mouser; and six grandchildren. She retired after 28 years of teaching 11th and 12th grade English at Pine Bluff High School, where she served as English Department chairman and was president of the Arkansas English Council. She taught 11 years in Humphrey High School. She is an active member of Carr Memorial Methodist Church, where she faithfully sang in the choir. Now she is at Lakeside Methodist Church.

Smith is the wife of Robert “Bob” Smith and they are the parents of four children, Sabra Smith Inzer of Dallas; Todd Smith of Little Rock; Paige Smith Jernigan of London, England; and Jennifer Smith Dollins of Austin, Texas. She is retired from teaching at Pine Bluff High School and is involved in the various activities of the Pine Bluff Symphony, where she has served in various offices of leadership, most recently, as president. She is an active member of First Baptist Church and serves as the pianist for the Keenage Khoir and midweek services.

Refreshments and door prizes will be furnished. The public is invited to attend.