Progressive Women’s Association sets date for fall auction

Members and guests of the Progressive Women’s Association met recently at the White Hall branch of Relyance Bank for its monthly meeting and luncheon.

Jan Adam was the chairman of the food committee that prepared the meal. Other members of her committee were Georgia La Grave, Floretta Scott, Betsy Foster and Laura Hopson. Adam prepared lasagna as the main dish.

Linda Eifling, president, conducted the business session of the meeting. It was decided to table the approval of the by-laws and the standing rules until the next meeting.

Betsy Foster, scholarship co-chairman, has all the information that she needs for scholarship recipient, Whitney Erwin. It was decided that she still has a need for help. Plans were made for the September meeting, which will be potluck and members of the board will decide on the meat. The Scholarship Fall Auction fundraiser was discussed. October 18 is the tentative date for the event.

Adam, travel chairman, planned a day trip to visit a museum at Russellville and Mt. Nebo.

The dollar pot was won by Eifling, who donated it back to the group. Door prizes were won by Linda Hurd and Foster. Bonnie Rhodes, guest of Foster, was warmly welcomed as a new member.

Members celebrating August birthdays were Margie Murphy, Nancy Rosen and Adam.