Pine Bluff native releases third book

ROUND ROCK, Texas – Pine Bluff native and author, Mary Tisdale Green, announces the release of her third book, “Flush: Forgive As You Go”, now available for sale at in Kindle format.

Green’s book, published by StoryLine Publishing, a Pennsylvania company, will release the print version later this week.

“The book, though short, describes what happens when emotions, which, if allowed to fester, turn into sins, and creep into Christians’ lives robbing them of joy,” said editor Gloria O’Donnell. “Mary Green nails it. Using one of the best-revered Old Testament stories as a point of reference, she minces no words with her fresh look at worst-case scenarios, and illustrations from her own life. All readers, whether practicing Christians or not, will be able to relate.”

Green said she is excited to once again bring a work to people “as a customer service agent for Jesus, going about servicing their souls” and that she hopes encourages Christians through her writing, speaking and teaching.

Advance print copies of Green’s book may be ordered through the publisher’s website, or from