Old Town Theatres Centre to present one-man show on Nov. 10

The Old Town Theatres Centre will present a dinner theatre with Lawrence Sullivan in Richard Bach’s, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, on Nov. 10 at the Pine Bluff Country Club.

Dinner will begin at 6 p.m., and the show will begin at 7:30. Tickets are $45 per person and must be purchased in advance. The deadline to purchase tickets is Nov. 7. Checks should be mailed to Old Town Theatres Centre, P.O. Box 8268, Pine Bluff, Ark., 71611 or call 870-535-2646.

Sullivan, actor, author and professional storyteller, has been entertaining children and adults for years. He has appeared in “Wall Street”, starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen, “Jacob’s Ladder”, starring Tim Robbins, the Disney film, “Off Beat” and “Sweet Lorraine” with Jean Stapleton. His TV credits include the CBS series, “Mississippi” and the popular soap, “The Doctors”. He hosted the Silly Sully Story Show on WALL Radio and WZAD Radio in Middletown, N.Y.

He has acted in and/or directed over 50 major theatrical productions throughout the U.S., from the Paramount Theatre in New York to the Hilton Dinner Theatre in San Antonio, Texas. His original comedy, “Bet A Million” has been performed in dinner theaters all over the country. Sullivan is one of the most-sought after storytellers in today’s flourishing market.

Conceiving the idea to make “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, a one-man show, took Sullivan three years.

“I did not want to force it, but wanted a natural evolvement in interpreting the 11 characters into interesting, entertaining personalities.”

Sullivan, as far as he knows, is the only person who does a live, audience-friendly performance of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.”

“Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach is a story for people who follow their dreams. “For most seagulls, life consists simply of eating and surviving. Flying is just a means of finding food. However, Jonathan Living Seagull is no ordinary bird. Against the convention of seagull society he seeks to find a higher purpose and become the best at doing what he loves.” This is a story about the importance of making the most of our lives.

Sullivan can also be seen doing a traditional storytelling performance for all ages at the Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Northwest Arkansas in December.