NAUW holds annual Membership Retreat

Gearing up for a new work year, the Pine Bluff Branch of the National Association of University Women recently held its annual Membership Retreat at the Donald W. Reynolds Community Services Center.

The purpose of the annual retreat is to get members energized for working during the upcoming year.

Branch member, Mary Benjamin served as presiding officer.

Potential members that attended the retreat were Mary Grant, Kendra Jackson, Lashondra Brown-Johnson, Tonya Lemons, Dana Mooney, Tina Owens, Janice L. Roberts, Denika N. Smith and Marikka Bender.

Regular members who attended were Josephine Adams, Tonia Ailsworth, Juanita Anthony, Virginia Ford-Barner, Mary Benjamin, Moya Benjamin, Mary Brentley, Janice Coleman, Bonita Corbin, Viola Ellison, Felicia Fisher, Earnestine Grant, Cheryl Hutchins, Vera Jackson, Pamela Johnson, Mary Liddell, Brenda Martin, Jennie McDuffie, Sharon Nicholson, Margaret Boyd-Owen, Eunita Seals, Jewel Walker, Varnell Wallace, Amanda Wells, Janette Wheat, Claudette White, Bettye J. Williams and Arlene Woody. One reclaim member in attendance was Sandra Smith-Jones.

Janice Coleman and Bonita Corbin shared a birthday celebration exercise that included all NAUW members and potential members to come closer together. The exercise focused on a roll of yawn that each member had to take and hold on to, and say a quote. The main purpose of this exercise was for all members to recognize “We Are All One” — one purpose and one goal.

A special presentation was given by NAUW president-elect, Mary Liddell, and other NAUW members entitled, “Stuff in the Bluff, Working and Being Involved”.

In an effort to support the branch’s PROUD Project, branch members are asked to be responsible for at least one backpack filled with school supplies per school semester which are presented to the Jefferson County Department of Human Services/Division of Children and Family Services. During this year’s retreat, in a collaborative effort, backpacks and supplies were donated to the branch by LeDarius Anthony and Kelley Armstrong. LeDarius is the son of branch member, Juanita Anthony.

The 2013 Membership Committee includes Liddell, chairman, Janice Coleman, co-chairman, Josephine Adams, Jerlean McRae Alley, Benjamin, Brentley, Corbin, Grant, Johnson, Wells, Walker and Georgette Wiley.