Marriott receives Supervisor of Year Award at Arsenal

Joel S. Marriott, general engineer for Pine Bluff Arsenal’s Directorate of Public Works, was named Pine Bluff Arsenal’s Supervisor of the Year for 2013 during the Federal Women’s Program ceremony in March.

Marriott was born in Clinton, Mo., grew up in Rison and resides in Little Rock. He graduated from Rison High School and received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. He has been employed at the Arsenal since 2000.

Marriott is married and has a daughter. He is an active member of the Asbury United Methodist Church and is a volunteer for such organizations as Stone Soup at Quapaw United Methodist Church, Habitat for Humanity, the Rice Depot, Ronald McDonald House and Westside Futbol Association-YMA Soccer league.

Marriott received the nomination for the award while working as the division chief of DPW’s Waste Management and Reclamation Division. In that position, he supervised two women and 12 men and encouraged all to pursue training opportunities and self-improvement goals.

When asked about receiving the award, Marriott said that it was a big honor.

“This was something unexpected,” Marriott said. “You don’t intentionally do things to get these types of awards. I know there are good supervisors out here. I just appreciate the people who work for me and the fact they would even consider me for something like this.”

According to the nomination information, Marriott supports all activities for women and encourages his employees to participate in all programs.

“He realizes participation in these programs is helpful for developing a well-rounded employee,” it stated in the nomination. “He works with his employees, is a team player and demonstrates an ability of caring and providing support for every employee under his management.”