Local cosmetology instructor becomes licensed trichologist

Edna Lindsey, a Pine Bluff cosmetology instructor, is now a licensed trichologist healthcare practitioner.

A 2011 graduate of the National Trichology Training Institute at Atlanta, Lindsey became interested in the field of trichology when she noticed an increase in hair loss and scalp disorders in the community.

Trichology is parallel to dermatology. It is the science and the biology of the hair and scalp in health and in maladies. Recent studies done by global vision confirm that there are more than 70 million women and children with some form of a hair and scalp disorder due to improper chemical and hair weaving services, emotional stress, medications, thyroid diseases, toxic bodies, genetic predispositions, poor diet and alopecia areata. The hair as a tissue of excretion is a perfect gauge for physical conditions and acts as a barometer for the body systems. The services provided by a trichologist practitioner include recognizing certain systemic conditions that need to be treated by other medical practitioners, identifying disorders of the hair and scalp and providing scientific healthy