Little Rock artist speaker at recent meeting of Bess Jenkins Club

The Bess Jenkins Club met recently at the Pine Bluff Country Club where vice president and program chairman, Sandy Poore, introduced the second in a series of programs with the theme, ‘The Arts and the Artists.’

The guest speaker was Tim Jacob, who recently had an exhibit at the Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas.

Jacob said of art, “I see art in the simplest of scenes and continue to be amazed at the visual impact of the ordinary in everyday life. I plan what I see around me. I began painting regularly in 2002 using a technique I call ‘puddle painting’ with watery overlays to convey color. It might be considered impressionism or even pointillism. The technique came to me by accident, after spilling a splash of color one morning.

“Many of my scenes are of rural Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi — I especially love the Delta. It fascinates me. The Delta is stark, desolate, and lonely in the winter and busy and vibrant in the summer, and serene and peaceful in all seasons,” Jacob said.

“Recently, I’ve concentrated on night scenes, especially night traffic during and after rain. We view so much of the world from our car and the mixture of nature and artificial light is always interesting. Reflection and depth are emphasized in most every work.”

According to Jacob, he is not talented. In his words, ‘I’m just doing it,’ he said about his side job that started nearly a decade ago with a portrait he painted of his then 9-year-old daughter. In his spare time and to pay the bills, Jacob sells digital printers for Modern Image System of Little Rock.

Jacob brought along some of his paintings and the members all agreed that he was being modest when he said he wasn’t talented. He also encouraged members to try their hand at painting.

After the program, the president of the club, Jeanette McGrew, conducted the business meeting and announced that Lela Murray is a new member of the club.

Lemon icebox pie, garnished with whipped cream, was served with coffee at tables decorated with a Halloween cut-out featuring a haunted house, spiders, corn candy and drinking straws with a skeleton. The hostesses for the meeting were Marjie Hart, Beverly Warren, Wanda Scruggs and McGrew.