Jefferson County EHC celebrates the holidays

The savory aroma of the holiday cooking season permeated the room and greeted attendees at the door Monday as the Jefferson County Extension Homemakers Council hosted its 2012 Holiday Foods program at First Presbyterian Church.

Judy Cox, publicity chair for Jefferson County EHC, said more than 175 reservations were made in advance of the event. However, on the day of the event, a host of ladies showed up with money in hand to pay at the door for an opportunity to taste of the many special recipes prepared by members of the various Extension Homemakers clubs.

“We are going to get every body in,” Cox said.

Cox said there were ladies in attendance that represented councils from Lincoln, Pulaski, Bradley and Hot Spring counties.

Nancy Rosen, Jefferson County EHC president, opened the program with the introduction of special guests. After which, Bettye Johnson, chairman of the event, welcomed everyone to have a “fun time.”

“Our motto is food, fun and fellowship … and we’re good at that,” Johnson said.

Guests were seated at tables decorated with a centerpiece representing Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, as EHC members presented demonstrations of their special holiday food recipes.

Marynell Cardin, a member of Grace Willing Workers EHC, kicked off the demonstrations with her recipe for Graham Cracker Cookies. She said her recipe would yield about 36 cookies in 20 minutes.

“They’re not good for the children’s teeth, but they always eat ‘em up,” Cardin said.

Margaret Thomas, also a member of Grace Willing Workers, said it was her first time participating in the Holiday Foods event. She presented her recipe for Cheese Rice Bake.

“I enjoy trying to cook,” Thomas said.

In between food demonstrations, guests were given the opportunity to win door prizes, provided by Camden Road Extension Homemakers Club.

After the demonstrations were complete, guests were then treated to samples of the many different recipes that were presented.

Copies of the 2012 Holiday Foods Cookbook are available for purchase for $4 at the Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Office, 500 S. Idaho St.

For more information about other council-sponsored activities or Extension Homemakers clubs, contact Mary Ann Kizer at 870-534-1033.

The Jefferson County Extension Homemakers clubs are open to all eligible persons without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status.