Grand Prairie Quilt Society meets for quarterly ‘Sit ‘n Sew’

The Grand Prairie Quilt Society met recently for its quarterly “Sit ‘n Sew” at the Stuttgart Public Library.

Six members were present, along with one guest, Sherry Thompkins, who later joined as a new member.

During the business session, president Glenda Landreth read the minutes of the last meeting, and Ann Crum gave the treasurer’s report. Marsha Heien was appointed secretary/reporter. Betty Knoll was congratulated on her January birthday.

Landreth reported that she delivered the quilt the members had made to the Tobin Health Care Center at Fort Roots at North Little Rock. Jane Fischer received the quilt and expressed her appreciation. Landreth also read a letter the society received from Douglas Bowers, chief of Voluntary Services of the Department of Veterans Affairs …”On behalf of the Central Arkansas Veterans HCS patients and staff, we would like to extend our appreciation to you for your donation of Handmade quilts. Your thoughtfulness reflects the concern that you feel for our veterans and for the service they provide to all of us while in service to our country. Without your support, we could not provide for the smaller niceties that make hospitalization more bearable …”

Landreth read an inspirational quote from the first meeting years ago …”Life, like a quilt, creates something new by rearranging the pieces…”

During the Show and Share segment, Maeola Flournoy showed a quilted table runner she made that as she said …”ran away with itself.” Landreth showed several of her finished quilt blocks for her Cook’s Lake nature quilt. Heien had a pillow top made of string-quilt blocks that she was going to finish at the Sit ‘n Sew.

During the Sit ‘n Sew session, many sewing and quilting tips were shared among the members. The sound of purring sewing machines and happy quilters’ chatter made the hours fly by. Two quilt tops were completed and progress was made on two others.

The next Sit ‘n Sew will be held in April. The next regular Grand Prairie Quilt Society meeting will be Feb. 13 at the Stuttgart Public Library.