Grace Willing Workers EHC celebrates Christmas

Members and guests of the Grace Willing Workers Extension Homemaker’s Club met recently at the Centennial Fellowship Church for their monthly meeting and Christmas Party.

The room was decorated with snowmen, Old World Santas, and a giant mesh wreath. Ham was the main dish. The hostesses were Sabrina Self-Gwin, Debbie James and Connie Herrin.

James, club president, conducted the business session. It was announced that the club collected enough non-perishable food to bless two families for their Thanksgiving meal. The club also donated two turkeys to these families.

James, Herrin, Liz Crosby, Marjorie Zuber, Nancy Rosen, Betty Lacy, Barbara Stone, Carolyn and Ray Harness, Brenda Robinson, Delores Kelley, Kaye Richardson, Verneita Self, and Self-Gwin all attended the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council Crafts Retreat at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View. Everyone enjoyed the classes, food, entertainment and fellowship.

James discussed the craft workshops. Many club members attended the Sweatshirt Safety Pin Christmas Tree Workshop taught by Mary Smith. County workshops that members attended were an African Dress Workshop and a Mesh Wreath Workshop.

Twenty people from Grace Willing Workers supported the Salvation Army Luncheon. Eva Marie Pearson, Richardson, and James decorated tables. Linda Murray, Robinson and Kelley helped in the kitchen. Other members from Grace Willing Workers who attended were Herrin, Liz Crosby, Meg Kesl, Geneva Gray, Dixie Fritz, Cathy Lewis, Stone, Rosen, Lacy, Harness, Self, Self-Gwin, Margaret Thomas, and Doris Turbeville.

Several members enjoyed working a shift at the Enchanted Land of Lights and Legends.

The Jefferson County Extension Homemakers Council Christmas Council was very enjoyable. Members enjoyed the beautiful decorations, a variety of food, and an excellent speaker, Rev. David Fleming. Socks were brought for CASA as a community service project.

Community Service for Grace Willing Workers was discussed. The club voted to donate money for gifts for the Transformation Program’s Angel Tree as well as the White Hall Angel Tree. Several club members decided to individually buy clothes and toys for children whose names were on the Transformation Program’s Angel Tree.

The Christmas Party also included playing the Left-Right Game as a way of exchanging presents.

Angie Lain, Jody Stout and Peyton Kelley, granddaughter of member Delores Kelley, were special guests at the meeting and party.