Flag Etiquite topic for Grace Willing Workers EHC

Nancy Rosen presented the program, “Flag Etiquette,” at the recent meeting of the Grace Willing Workers Extension Homemakers. The meeting was held at the Centennial Fellowship Church in White Hall. Rosen opened her program by giving a Flag Etiquette Quiz to see what the group knew about the flag. Different club members volunteered the answers. The questions and answers were 1) What do the stars on our flag represent?-50 states 2) What do the red and white strips represent?-13 colonies 3) What is the blue section with white stars called?-the Union 4) When did we begin using the flag as we know it today? -July 1, 1960 5) What does the term “half-mast” mean?-to lower the flag half way from the top of the staff as a token of mourning. The flag is always raised to full mast, then lowered. 6) What is a halyard?-a rope or cord to which a flag is attached 7) What is a staff?-a shaft or pole to which a flag is flown 8) What are some terms that are often used to mean “the flag” ?-“The Colors”, “Old Glory”, “ The Stars and Stripes,” 9) What is the term for the study of flag history?-Vexillogy 10) When were the original Stars and Stripes first flown in the United States-1777 11) At the conclusion of a military funeral, why is the flag folded in a triangle shape-Symbolic of hats worn by soldiers who fought in the War of Independence 12) Is there a law that supplies a guide for the proper use and care of the flag?-yes, the Federal Flag Code

Rosen stated that the colors of the flag stood for different things: red-valor and zeal. white-hope and cleanliness of life,- blue-reverence and loyalty, stars-constellation of the states, each a part of our nation, each a separate state.

Some things to do in regards to flying the flag are: 1) Display the flag from sunrise to sunset. 2) Raise the flag briskly and lower the flag slowly. 3) Fly an all-weather flag, if the weather is bad. 4) Fly the flag on all designated days like the 4th of July and Veterans Day. 5) Fly the flag every day at public buildings. 6) Fly the flag where people vote on election day. 7) Fly the flag at every school when school is in session. 8) Destroy a soiled, faded or badly torn flag in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

Rosen concluded her program by telling other ways to show patriotism such as bouquets of red, white, and blue flowers as well as wearing patriotic clothing and jewelry.

Debbie James, club president, conducted the business session of the meeting. Sixteen people attended the Four in One Club Workshop. Participants decorated Easter eggs, made duct tape roses, duct tape napkin rings, and earrings. Ten members of Grace Willing Workers attended the Jefferson County EHC Card Workshop. The ten members who used their creative skills to make cards were Dixie Fritz, Kaye Richardson, Rosen, Betty Lacy, Marjorie Zuber, Debbie James, Brenda Robinson, Liz Crosby, Dot Hart, and Delores Kelley.

Ms. James reminded everyone to continue bringing canned meat and cereal for the Transformation Food Project. She also reminded everyone that Grace Willing Workers will work at Kids Fest from 3:00p.m.-5:00p.m. on April 20th.

Other upcoming events are “The Hobbit”at the Arts and Science Center of Southeast Arkansas, a class on Dutch Oven Cooking, and the Jefferson County EHC Spring Council. The club then adjourned to the China Kitchen/Mongolian Grill for lunch and fellowship.