FBC’s Senior Adult Ministry travels to The Village

On a bright and cool, early spring day, the Senior Adult Ministry from First Baptist Church made a trip to Country Village at Star City.

The Country Village is a collection of restaurants and shops housed in a quaint country village setting that includes a lamp shop, home furnishings store, shoe store, sweet shop, bookstore, bakery, barbecue restaurant, jewelry store, clock shop, taxidermy/gift shop, pet grooming and supplies shop, toy store, and much more.

Before making the rounds to the various stores, the group had lunch in the Country Barbecue Restaurant. The restaurant serves everything from ribs to skillet meals, as well as homemade side dishes. The wait staff is super friendly and efficient and the restaurant offers a wholesome atmosphere for families. The SAMS all agreed that their meals were very good and the service exceptional.

The bakery has delicious goods and was a favorite with the group. Even after an ample lunch, the SAMs had a sweet attack and enjoyed cookies and coffee at the bakery or homemade ice cream in the sweet shop. Almost everyone went home with homemade bread, cinnamon rolls or another delicious concoction.

James House, the SAMs volunteer bus driver, journeyed over to the taxidermy shop where the proprietor allowed him to view work in progress. The taxidermy shop is a virtual zoo — the proprietor told Jeanette McGrew, organizer of the SAMS, that the biggest animal he had ever prepared and preserved was a hippopotamus. The shop has garden art and many unusual gifts, especially for the “man on your list.”

The Village is located in Lincoln County on U.S. 425. Those making the trip were House, McGrew, Linda Minyard, Catherine Long, Ann Adair, Sara Cromer, Betty Craig, Ruth Henry, Jimmie Lee Nichols, Peggie Howard and Audrey Borecky. Dot Matthews and Saundra Tileto drove to Star City from Louisiana to join the group for a day of fun and relaxation.