Classic Club members go out for dinner and a show

Simmons First Classic Club members and guests recently enjoyed a delicious dinner of traditional English fare at Pine Bluff Country Club.

The meal was themed around the 1800’s London setting of the Arts & Science Center’s summer musical , “Oliver!” After feasting on savory sliced roast beef with petite rolls, buttery herbed new potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, and sweet baby carrots, the group enjoyed a delightful homemade English Povlova with fresh strawberries. The club’s ballroom and tables were decorated with burlap, a variety of beautiful lanterns and burning candles, fresh flowers, and industrial-looking mirrors to imitate the simple setting of the musical, which is an adaptation of “Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

Royce Downs was the lucky door prize winner, winning free admission to the Classic Club’s upcoming day trip to Hot Springs. The day trip includes a guided tour of Garvan Woodland Gardens — featuring James Hayes’ art installation “Splash of Glass,” lunch and shopping downtown, and a guided tour of The Gangster Museum of America.

Following the meal, the group attended a private performance of “Oliver!”. The cast members ranged from elementary-aged children to very seasoned performers. As usual, the quality of the performance was so good, one could easily forget that all of the hard work put into the performance was done by generous volunteers who share their time, talents, and gifts.

Along with Classic Club director, Misti A. Smykla, Dollarway branch manager, Liz Ellis, and associates Tiffany Jones, Lawanda Logan and Shelia Frye warmly greeted the Classic Club members and guests.