Calpine donates to Neighbor to Neighbor Food Pantry

During the entire month of May, Calpine Corporation teams up with local food banks, pantries and shelters for its annual food drive.

May is designated as Calpine’s Food Drive Month because the need for food bank services increases during the summer months. Children from low-income families are home and not receiving the school breakfasts and lunches that their families depend on.

This year Calpine’s Pine Bluff Energy Center had wonderful support for the May Food Drive. On the day of the drop-off they were able to donate a “truck load” of non-perishable food to the local Neighbor to Neighbor Food Pantry.

Summer can be a very difficult time for many families with children that are out of school, and also with summer comes higher utility bills, which leaves less money for food. With this help, and the efforts of others, they will be able to help a lot more families.