Author to review ‘Fearless: John L. McClellan, United States Senator’

“Fearless: John L. McClellan, United States Senator” will be reviewed by the author Sherry Laymon at 10 a.m. Saturday in the fellowship hall at First Baptist Church, 6501 Hazel St.

Laymon was born in Star City and now lives in Hot Springs. Her books and articles focus on Arkansas, Southern and American history.

She earned a doctor’s degree from Arkansas State University at Jonesboro in 2005. Her dissertation, “Pfeiffer County: The Tenant Farms and Business Activities of Paul Pfeiffer in Clay County Arkansas” was published by Butler Center Books in Little Rock in April 2009. She won the Arkansas Historical Association’s Violet Gingles Award in 2010 and 2011 respectfully.

“Fearless” tells that John L. McClellan was born in 1896 in Grant County and grew up in rural Arkansas, became an attorney and went on to be a successful lawyer, prosecuting attorney and finally a U.S. Senator, which was the job he always wanted. The book covers his life with the bulk of the writing covering the Senate years ending with his death in 1977 not long after he announced plans to retire. The book covers many years of exciting American history and some of the monumental historical occurrences in the Nation’s history. John L. McClellan lived this history and was a major player in the decisions made.

There are many references to his strong faith and the manner in which he shouldered numerous personal tragedies. Perry Webb, a former pastor of Pine Bluff First Baptist Church and later pastor of First Baptist of Dallas, was of great influence in the senator’s spiritual life and undertakings. McClellan had a tremendous impact on Arkansas due to billions of dollars he directed Arkansas’ way through the policy decisions he saw enforced. Throughout the years he kept going and continued to produce for Arkansas and for America while holding a position of authority equaled only by a handful of men in the history of American government.

Door prizes and refreshments will be furnished following the review. The public is invited to attend.