Alethea Club hears brief history of ”ole house’

In keeping with the theme for the coming year, “This ‘Ole House”, the Alethea Club held hits meeting at the home of Kathy Majewski and Jack Stradley at 817 W. Fifth Ave.

Helen Majewski, the mother of Kathy Majewski-Stradley, gave a brief history of the house and its previous owners and some of the changes that have been made through the years.

The house was built in 1874 by Albert S. Hornett, who was described as having built “a magnificent example of a weatherboard Queen Anne-style house with the latest innovations of the day”.

After several owners, the house was purchased by the Alexander McDonald Barrow family in 1913. The purchase price was $2,500 down, with $6,000 to be paid over the next three years at 8 percent interest. The style of the house was altered to Georgian Revival by wrapping the new around the old. The portico encompasses the first floor porch and second floor balcony, both supported by Ionic columns.

Mrs. Barrow lived at 817 W. Fifth Ave., until her death in 1944. Helen Majewski’s mother, Helen Cameron, bought the house at that time and turned it into four apartments for rental during the war years. Upon the death of Cameron, the house went to daughter, Helen, and it has remained in the family until the present time.

Restoration of the house is continuing with the help of family members. Diane Crowder described some of the interesting pieces of furniture, as well as, the decorations in the music room.

Bringing this beautiful old house back to its former grandeur is only of of the ways that Kathy Majewski and Jack Stradley hope to revive and rejuvenate downtown Pine Bluff.

Following the program, a business meeting was conducted by president, Audrey Borecky. Refreshments were served by hostesses, Jill Healy and Virginia Haertlein.