‘The Man of Many Voices’ set for Feb. 9 at Pine Bluff Country Club

Johnny Tarangelo will be performing his show, “The Man of Many Voices,” on Feb. 9 at the Pine Bluff Country Club. Sponsored by Old Town Theatres Centre, dinner starts at 6 p.m. and the show at 7:30 p.m.

John Tarangelo was born in Bronx, N.Y., into a closely knit Italian family, and started singing in his church choir. At 17, he moved to Staten Island and started his own vocal group. By the age of 22, he was introduced to the original bass singer of the Mystics, a famous Doo Wop group from Brooklyn, N.Y., that had a hit record in 1959 called, “Hushabye.”

It was about the same time in New York that there was a resurgence of the 1950’s group harmony style of music in the Metropolitan area. Tarangelo auditioned for the Mystics and was accepted as a member in 1980. His first performance was at the well-known Apollo Theatre in New York. Performances at the Beacon Theater, Radio City and Carnige Hall followed. He also performed on several PBS shows throughout the country which gave him great knowledge and a good sense of stage presence. He was learning from Rock-n-Roll legends.

In 1982, he was signed by CBS records and recorded an album with the Mystics called, “Crazy for You.” He continued to perform with the Mystics until he left the group in 1992. Deciding that it was time for a change and that he wanted to pursue a career on his own, he moved from New York to Naples, Fla.

It was while singing as a solo act in Florida that people started to realize he sounded similar to many of the artists he was paying tribute to. He continued to learn and pursue the likeness of singing like many famous artists. While seeing Paul Anka perform, he noticed how Anka placed video sequences in the background during his performances. Tarangelo thought that this would be a great way to pay tribute to all the artists he was portraying and decided to do the same. The result has been sellout performances throughout theaters in Florida and New York. Today Tarangelo continues to perform throughout the country allowing his guests to relive the best years of their lives through memory and song.

The New York Times says of him …”A show like no other, a can’t miss performance.” The Las Vegas Sun says … “It was as if the original artists were singing their hit songs.”

Dress for the event is causal and the atmosphere warm, friendly and welcoming, according to a spokesman. The shows are kid-friendly, though geared more for older teenagers and adults. Tickets are $45 per person. For more information, call 870-535-2646.