Cecil and Nita Bradshaw celebrate 70 years of marriage


At straight up 12 on a bright February day, Cecil and Nita pledged their love for each other “til death do us part” and were united in marriage. This happened on Feb. 19, 1943, at Fordyce, Ark.

That love and that pledge is still in effect to this day. God has granted them 70 years of happiness with very few rocks in the road. The blessings of two children, Sherry in 1944 and Rickey in 1945, were multiplied when they both married two other wonderful people — Sherry to John Reed and Rickey to Bennie Butler.

On this year, on Tuesday, Feb. 19, Cecil and Nita will quietly celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary with lots and lots of shared happy memories. Memories of exciting and far away places; of traveling by car, ship, train, plane and yes, even by donkey; of states and countries and people of all nationalities; of friends through the years that were and still are treasures beyond measure; of 65 years of Christian fellowship at Trinity Lutheran Church; of working side by side for 40 years in the grocery business and the customers who became near and dear; of 25 years of farming that most days brought great satisfaction of a “day of work well done.”

These and lots more memories are all stored away and brought out on special occasions. Their children are still close by, make contact daily and are always there if needed. The years have been good, the blessings tremendous, and the love of friends and family have made these years very happy ones.

They’re asking everyone to please say a prayer of thanks for all of these years they have enjoyed. How many more? Who knows what the Lord has in store for them, but whatever it is, will just be “the icing on the cake”.

“It doesn’t matter where you go in life … It’s who you have beside you.”