White Hall Junior High student writes first book

Saumya Sharman, a seventh-grader at White Hall Junior High School, recently wrote “The Ultimate Decision,”an adventure-fiction for young adults.

In “The Ultimate Decision” two girls go on a field trip and end up battling a monster where they discover they have powers. Consequently, they are taken to a special school where they train to control their powers. While there, the main character, Samantha gets an invitation to join a quest to save a world called Karnithica. The school has to complete five quests annually, and this is the last one for the year. With many battles and several turns in events, the five girls learn to appreciate the importance of friendship, bravery and loyalty. In the end, it is up to them to make the decision that will ultimately determine, not only their own future, but those of millions of others as well.

This is Saumya’s first book in the series Saving Karnithica. An avid reader herself, Saumya started writing short illustrated stories at an early age of 7. She lives with her parents, Sanjay and Jyotsna Sharman, and two sisters, Kavya and Ojasvini. She is a pet lover and has a cat named Snowball, and a Siberian Husky named Champ. In her spare time, Saumya enjoys drawing, reading, writing, listening to music, and playing with her siblings and pets. She has won the White Hall District Spelling Bee in the past, and recently won the Jefferson County Spelling Bee to represent Jefferson County in the Arkansas State Spelling Bee at Little Rock, where she came out as one of the top 15 spellers in the state.

“The Ultimate Decision” is available for purchase from www.authorhouse.com or through a local bookseller and/or preferred on-line retailer.