Star City High School students recycle newspapers into art

The newspaper you are holding now may one day be transformed into a work of art.

Students in Roger Darren High’s art II classes at Star City High School recently recycled old newspapers into original three-dimensional works of art as part of a sculpture lesson.

During the lesson the students discovered how to use newspapers in order to create Papier-mâché sculptures. The sculptures included three-dimensional representations of animals and other objects as well as masks.

In order to create the sculptures, students first created an armature or framework for the sculpture using a variety of materials including wire, cardboard, balloons and aluminum foil. Once the armature was completed students dipped strips of newspaper into glue and layered the paper over the armature. After applying several layers of newspaper and allowing them to harden, the students finished the sculptures by decorating them with paint, construction paper, fabric, and other materials.

The lesson taught students the how to create a sculpture using Papier-mâché as well as the importance of recycling materials. The sculptures created by the students will be on exhibit at Star City High School.