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Refuge renaming is fitting

Although Dale Bumpers disarmingly wrote about himself as “The Best Lawyer in a One-Lawyer Town,” there’s no one around here who doubts the substantial impact former Arkansas governor and senator made on his home state.

What’s wrong with victims’ rights?

Criminals are generally despised, and cops are not universally beloved. But one participant in the criminal justice system has no enemies: victims of crime. They’re the Sara Lee of American politics. Everybody doesn’t like someone, but nobody doesn’t like victims.

Dreaming about a larger field

As recently reported by The Commercial , a local committee for the 2015 Babe Ruth 14-year-old World Series headed by Jim Hill just signed a contract with Babe Ruth League Inc. that will bring the national tournament to Pine Bluff. This will mark the sixth time a Babe Ruth Baseball World Series has been played in the city and first time since 2003. This turn is unabashedly good and the kind of thing we should encourage.

Obama and the appeasement myth

Hawks in the wild tend to be solitary creatures. But those in Washington, D.C., often appear in noisy flocks. As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his predatory activities in Ukraine, conservatives here are unanimous on how the Obama administration should respond: by emulating the Bush administration.

We keep driving, flying

Transponder — I sort of knew what that does. It’s an electronic thing that sends electronic signals automatically, from one airplane to another, or to and from airplane and satellite, or to and from an airplane to a receiver-transmitter on the ground. It sends these signals automatically, at designated intervals. Unless it’s turned off.

A year with no highway work? It’s possible

One of the basic functions of government is to provide infrastructure for its citizens. Safe water, roadways, bridges, utilities — these are things that we rely on (and often take for granted) each and every day. The quality of our infrastructure plays a big role in determining the quality of our life.

Congress must fix Federal Highway Trust Fund soon

Advertising for candidates for governor and U.S. senator from Arkansas thus far focuses mostly on inane arguments such as who is closer to Nancy Pelosi and who is the biggest threat to Medicare. Arkansas would be better served if the candidates would tell us what they will do about our crumbling infrastructure, especially the highway system.

Small frame for big picture

Each of us wants to believe we are a special snowflake, a unique shimmering reflection of the divine spark that made us. On a certain level we are all unique and special. On another, we are nauseatingly predictable and driven by the surrounding herd. The chasm between these realms is a matter of scale and perspective.