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Medical weed: What images do you see?

Unless Arkansas somehow becomes competitive in the presidential race, which it probably won’t, the state’s airwaves won’t be crammed with political advertising by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Pity our unfortunate fellow Americans in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida for that one. In Arkansas, the only race between candidates that might be mildly interesting is the one for U.S. Senate between Sen. John Boozman and Conner Eldridge.

Heroes ensnared in bureaucracy

Recently, the local CBS television affiliate, KTHV, broadcast a report about Joe George, a Pearl Harbor survivor and hero of the ill-fated USS Arizona. Through George’s efforts, the lives of six other sailors were saved, but there was a catch. Because a superior officer had ordered George to stop, the hero sailor was never officially recognized by the Navy for his act of bravery.

Traveling Cruz’s higher low road

Political conventions are supposed to be the place where differences are set aside and the party faithful fall in line behind whoever has the proverbial nod. As the Republican party brought its party to a close last week there were still many of the faithful who hadn’t quite taken the medicine. Then there was Sen. Ted Cruz.

Sitting Bull still instructs us

As many inspirational leaders often have, the leader of the Hunkpapa Lakota tribe and (eventually) the entire Sioux Nation, Sitting Bull, gave his life in furtherance of human rights for his people. Sitting Bull earned his name because of his reputation as a courageous warrior — who, like a bison bull, would dig in and fight rather than flee.

A growing family farm

A few weeks ago I wrote about a small gardening project I had undertaken. I built planter boxes and trellises against my old shed. I planted gourds, moonflowers and pumpkins in the boxes. The gourds and moonflowers are now snaking their way slowly up the trellises. I am hopeful that the summer will yield many flowers and alien-looking fruit.

First ladies independent and important

The old sentiment “behind every successful man is a strong woman” is a tad antiquated in an era when a woman is the putative presidential nominee of a major political party. Strength, intellect, creativity and rectitude have always been equally distributed across genders. Only in recent years has American culture finally begun to embrace that fact.

After Orlando, Exercises in Irrelevancy

In the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando, our leaders have shown a talent for devising remedies that are clear, simple and irrelevant. One politician after another has stepped forward with remedies that would not actually have stopped or appreciably hindered Omar Mateen from carrying out his slaughter.

Obama prolongs unwinnable wars

Barack Obama came into office intending to correct his predecessor’s biggest mistakes by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He didn’t, because he made his own grievous mistake: choosing to prolong failure rather than admit it.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – An attractive city it is, certainly from the Interstate, which permits a surface examination, nothing more than can be absorbed in the 10- or 15- minutes that unimpeded traffic allows: glass and steel office buildings, the sense of urban vibrancy accentuated by a downtown revival, the restoration of use to buildings once deemed useless but spared, somehow, from the modern woodsman’s axe — the developer’s wrecking ball.

Why People Vote for Trump

Participating in a democratic society is a thankless duty that seldom repays the effort. If you do research so you can select the better candidate in a race, your choice may be futile because your candidate loses. Even if your candidate wins, those campaign promises may be discarded. Or other officials may keep them from being fulfilled.

School changed by two sisters and a cup of coffee

Pea Ridge High School senior Tyler Cope, 17, was a waitress. Now, she’s a certified nursing assistant making $11 an hour. More importantly, she’s well on her way to a good-paying future in nursing. Thirty of her fellow students also have CNA licenses, while others are learning skills in other career fields. And it all happened partly because of two sisters and a cup of coffee.