Mayor is capable of doing her job

Editor, The Commercial:

This is to the members of the council that voted to reinstate Mr. Ridgell as city collector: Walker, Mays, Stepps, Boyd and Brown. You all say you want to see Pine Bluff prosper and grow. Well I’m calling you on that. When someone is not doing their job, they should be fired and let someone that can do it, do it! Let the Mayor do her job. She is more than capable. Thank you, Mr. Holcomb, for putting a stop to this foolishness.

Mr. Stepps and Ms. Walker, for ethical reasons, you should not have voted. Ms. Walker’s son doesn’t pay the taxes he has collected from the people that do business with him, yet she is on the committee that is supposed to oversee this. Mr. Ridgell let Mr. Stepps have two businesses without a license, so they sort of owe him, and should have recused themselves from voting. I’m sure plenty of people would agree with me on this.

Mary Jo Mccord

Pine Bluff