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It’s all about money and not justice

I am not upset with these attorneys representing the Isadore family; this is their profession. What I am upset with is the life of an African American has no value placed upon it until he or she is killed by a white person and only if the white person has money.

WC parent urges voters to say yes

A new elementary school will bring more students to the Watson Chapel School District. My 5-year daughter attends Edgewood Elementary through school choice because as a parent I recognize the tremendous quality of education, teachers and leadership the district can bring.

UAPB chancellor supports WC millage increase

The Watson Chapel School District has identified one of its school buildings as inadequate and in need of being replaced. Most facility managers will agree that the life of a building will transcend many generations of students and it is well known, with the proper care and maintenance, buildings will remain functional over a longer period of time.

Parent supports WC millage increase

Communities that support public education thrive. As a Watson Chapel School District resident and proud mom of a first-grader, I know what's at stake if we ignore the condition of our schools, particularly Edgewood Elementary where my daughter attends.