Walgreens should sell more for less

The arrival of Walgreens in our community causes me mixed emotions. On one hand I am glad to have another large national pharmacy locate in Pine Bluff. Some Walgreen pharmacies stay open 24 hours a day which would be a plus.

Hansen’s research was not good enough

Two bona-fide heroes died in the service of our country in the Benghazi attack, along with two others brave Americans, and all a pathetic individual who probably never wore the uniform can do is disparage their sacrifice. Well Mr. Hansen, your "best research" was not good enough.

Boy Scout urges citizens to stop littering

My name is Zach, and I am in a local Boy Scout troop. When we go on troop hikes, we take a trash bag and pick up our trash along with other litter left on the trails as part of our leave no trace efforts. I am disappointed at the amount of extra litter we come across. And would like to ask people to take their trash out with them so others can enjoy nature too.

Teenage boy wants to deliver paper

I am 14. I wish that I could have a paper route in my neighborhood to earn some money. I live outside the city limits of Pine Bluff. Everyone that I have talked to has said that I have to be 16 to get a job.

Not enough recognition for substitutes, staff

I have worked for the Pine Bluff School District for many years as a substitute cook. Every year, when the school district hands out bonuses to its employees, we do not receive anything. There has not been a raise for substitutes for as long as I can remember.

Letter to the editor - Bob Smithey

Today's Washington politicians have become arrogant elitists. They have given us a health care system we didn't want and one in which they refused to participate. They have robbed funds from our Social Security over decades causing the fund to be insufficient while lavishly funding their salaries, benefits and retirement.