Worried about newspaper shrinking

The folks in Little Rock are worried about the Arkansas Democrat Gazette because the edges of the paper curl. As for myself, I am worried because my paper (The Pine Bluff Commercial) is shrinking!

I picked up the Sunday Commercial this morning and discovered that the Accent section consisted of three pages — and one of these three pages wasn’t really Accent but other fluff. They had taken the Classified Ads and put them with the Accent section (to make it look larger???).

I was with a group of eight ladies for lunch on Saturday, and somehow the conversation got around to places to eat in Pine Bluff. A restaurant was mentioned and one of the ladies said, “I’d forgotten about that one — I haven’t been there in ages.” She added, “And you know what happens to places when people stop going.”

So, what happens to a newspaper when people stop subscribing? The paper goes belly-up, that’s what.

Yes, The Commercial is a small paper. Yes, you can read it from cover to cover in about 10 minutes. But do you really want a town with no local newspaper?

I’ll have to admit that, I too have become disillusioned with my local paper of late, and I have been a subscriber for 29 years.

I was told by a Commercial staff person that an individual can have one Letter to the Editor printed in The Commercial every three weeks. So much for timely Letters to the Editor.

My next Letter to the Editor (which may not appear in The Commercial for several weeks, if at all) will address things The Commercial can do to increase subscriptions.

Jeanette McGrew

Pine Bluff