Thanks for contributions to Poppy Day

Editor, The Commercial:

Last Saturday was Poppy Day in Pine Bluff. The response from those who came to the Brookshire Store on 28th was overwhelming! People wanted to talk about their sons, fathers, grandfathers and other relatives’ service. Retired veterans wanted to tell us about their service. Best of all, they know why we were there — to help veterans in the hospitals and nursing homes.

Hearin-Connolly American Legion Post 32 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 32 thank all who contributed. We also thank Mayor Debe Hollingsworth for proclaiming Nov. 9, 2013 as Poppy Day in Pine Bluff, and Chris Warfield, manager of Brookshire on 28th for his support in allowing us to distribute Poppies there. Our thanks to all who gave!

Barbara E. Rhinehart

Pine Bluff