The origins of mathematics

Editor, The Commercial:

In response to the editorial about Pi Day being observed on March 14, 2014, there were notions made alluding to the misconception that Greeks and other Europeans are/were the founders of mathematics and the concept of Pi or 3.141592… . The ancient Egyptian people were Africans who had this knowledge prior to any European group on the planet. Phi or Pi, the Golden Ratio, is the circumference of a circle in relation to its diameter.The Pyramids of Giza located in Egypt,are a cluster of the colossal pyramids, with the Great Pyramid’s dimensions being: base (755.9 ft.)and height (480.66 ft). 2/(length of the side of pyramid)/height= Pi.As all cultures and peoples have, the Greeks did make some contributions to mathematics, but the Greek contributions to mathematics was built from an Afrikan foundation before and during the Library of Alexandria period in Egypt where many of the great “Greek” mathematicians went and studied. It is significant to note that the ancient scholars associated with the Library of Alexandria are all assumed to be Greek merely, it seems, because they made a contribution to some filed of knowledge and wrote in Greek. The fact is that the identity of many of the philosophers is not clear in the least. In fact, before the building of this library, Greeks were already studying Afrikan math and other subjects in this Afrikan nation.

Obrennan Moss

Pine Bluff, AR