It’s all about money and not justice

I am not upset with these attorneys representing the Isadore family; this is their profession. What I am upset with is the life of an African American has no value placed upon it until he or she is killed by a white person and only if the white person has money.

The life of a black person is about as valuable as two dead roaches or three dead flies. I believe all human life should be valuable and should be respected; not just when money can be gained from a sad event.

About 99.6 percent of the homicides in Pine Bluff since 1997 have been blacks killing blacks. Recently, a slew of homicides have occurred in Little Rock. I have not seen any high profile attorney speaking out on the loss of these lives.

Recently, in our community a white man shot and killed a young black man. Were you aware of this? What happened to the TV coverage?

Two days ago, a black was killed by another black. This young 19-year-old male is not as important as Mr. Isadore. In fact, I don’t believe there will be town hall meetings or church meetings for the 19-year-old’s family who cared about their loved one as much as the Isadore family. Which of these lawyers will ride into Pine Bluff to represent this family? Ray Charles can see these guys are not seeking justice but money.

Until the black community recognizes that black-on-black crime is at epidemic levels there will be no reduction in these black-on-black killings and it’s a sad day in our society when family members use the death of their own to make money. The leading cause of death for our young black men is HOMICIDE. BELIEVE THAT!!!

Rev. Jesse C. Turner

Pine Bluff