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Planning puts smart brake on sale

As recently reported in The Commercial, the Pine Bluff City Council Development and Planning Committee recommended the full council consider a measure imposing a moratorium on the city sales of property zoned for commercial use until more detailed guidelines are developed.

Old grudge new fodder

Last week The Commercial reported on yet another kerfuffle between mayoral candidate Theodis “Ted” Davis and his former associate on the Jefferson County Board of Election Commissioners, Stu Soffer. Like the swallows returning to San Capistrano, these individuals never disappoint in their political theatrics.

White Hall millage round 2

The city of White Hall has done a lot of growing over the past couple of decades. From traffic lights to businesses and all manner of residential developments, White Hall is growing up. One thing that hasn’t kept pace with all this growth: The White Hall High School. If you were a student there in 1981 the core amenities would look pretty familiar.

Tired approach awakens resources

It is so refreshing to see government working as it should. Last week The Commercial published a report detailing innovations in the Jefferson County recycling program. In specific, the article highlighted a process in which the county produces and sells fuel made from discarded tires.

Prisons, diamond clad and breaded

Since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its nominees for the upcoming awards presentation, there’s been a bit of a furor over the demonstrable lack of diversity among the current cohort. While those nominated certainly reflect the demographic character of those in charge of nominations, they aren’t very reflective of the U.S. population. In specific, the nominees in most of the major categories are all white.

Davis: Same tired tricks

Sometimes the mirror can be the harshest critic. Unfortunately, the mirror in front of local political operator, Ted Davis, appears to be rather cloudy. While the people of Pine Bluff and Jefferson County are largely inured of his dubious machinations — both as former Mayor Carl Redus Jr.’s right hand man and as a member of the Jefferson County Board of Election Commissioners — Davis has found a third office in which to stir controversy: chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Central Committee.

Ryan: great promise but problems

Rep. Paul D. Ryan (R – Wisconsin) was elected the 54th Speaker of the House this past Thursday. Ryan took the gavel from Speaker John A. Boehner (R- Ohio), who had been pressured to resign the post by the ultra-conservatives in the party.

Old wine in old bottles

One hundred twenty-five years ago today the city of Oakland, California, passed its first anti-drug laws. Coming under regulation were opium, morphine and cocaine. Before the passage of this act, these drugs had been freely and openly available both for recreational and medicinal uses. With the new laws, these drugs had to be obtained through a licensed doctor.

Walker proposes expensive horseplay

Pine Bluff City Council member Thelma Walker has just announced her intention to run for the office of mayor. In a recent fumble with regard to proposed Parks and Recreation Department funding she’s also given us a glimpse as to what a Walker administration might look like. The preview isn’t good.

Rabbit hole in American culture

Adapted from Mary Chase’s 1944 Pulitzer Prize-winning play, the screen version of “Harvey” premiered on this day in 1950. It starred acclaimed actor Jimmy Stewart, who would receive his fourth Academy Award nomination for his performance. Produced by Universal Studios, “Harvey” is the story of a man who can see a 6-foot-tall rabbit (named Harvey) that is invisible to everyone else.

Disgraceful swap on commission

At its most recent meeting, the Pine Bluff City Council voted 6-1 to remove Bill Brumett from the Advertising and Promotion Commission amid accusations of impropriety. Brumett cast the lone dissenting vote. Alderman Charles Boyd had left the meeting prior to the discussion.

No parking space for reason

It’s such a sorry state of affairs when a person can read through Pine Bluff City Council and Jefferson County Quorum Court proposals and instantly sense the negative influences of well-established malcontents. As election season creeps toward us, both bodies are considering the proper boundaries of campaign activities relative to public facilities.