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Healthbytes - Getting ready for surgery

As a surgeon, I live in the operating suite. I have an expectation for what any day may be like given the procedures that I have scheduled. However, I was wondering the other day, do my patients really know what to expect on the day of surgery?

Summer Fun

Peyton Smart, 7, swims Tuesday at the Pine Bluff Country Club swimming pool. Peyton is entering second grade at Moody Elementary School in White Hall. He was just one of many people looking to find ways to beat the heat Tuesday, with a heat advisory in effect for most of the state. (Pine Bluff Commercial/David Hutter)

Sequel intriguing, but no ‘Mockingbird’

Some published novels should never see the light of day. Ernest Hemingway’s reputation has suffered from the posthumous release of such wretched drafts as “True at First Light.” Papa Hemingway didn’t release them in his lifetime, and we can tell there was a good reason.

Overcoming anger

Have you ever allowed anger to overtake you in such a way that you did something stupid? Did your lack of self-control cause you to regret your actions? Recently my two year old son was playing ball with a friend.