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A report by the Arkansas News Bureau published Wednesday incorrectly stated that the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has a free lunch program and a Women, Infants and Children office on campus. The lunch program and WIC office are on the campus of Arkansas Children’s Hospital.


The Washington Digest in Sunday’s edition of The Commercial incorrectly reported the roll call results on an amendment seeking to rescind energy efficiency standards for incandescent light bulbs. The amendment passed 232-189.

Washington Digest - House passes budget

WASHINGTON — With Democrats united in opposition, the Republican-controlled House last week approved a resolution that would balance the federal budget in a decade with no new taxes but $5 trillion in cuts to domestic programs other than defense.

Some question email deletion policies

LITTLE ROCK — State Treasurer Dennis Milligan has responded to recent news reports on events during his campaign for office by claiming that the emails that are the basis of the reports cannot be verified because his campaign deleted all its emails after the election.

Huckabee discusses record, goals in video

LITTLE ROCK — Days ahead of his scheduled announcement in Arkansas of his plans for 2016, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee released a video Friday in which he discusses his record and outlines goals that could serve as the platform for a possible presidential bid.