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Proposal to limit use of TANF benefits stalls

LITTLE ROCK — Proposals to restrict how Arkansans can spend welfare benefits and create a new way to appeal decisions of the Capitol Zoning District Commission in Little Rock stalled in the Joint Budget Committee on Thursday, but the sponsors could try again with the measures next week.

Pastors Day

Gov. Asa Hutchinson, left, welcomes pastors and their families from around the state Wednesday as he kicks off Pastors Day at the Capitol, an event sponsored by the Christian conservative Family Council. Seated behind him are Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and Family Council President Jerry Cox. The event was intended to give religious leaders an overview of how government works at the state level, according to the Family Council. (Special to the Arkansas News Bureau/Dale Ellis)

New math standards approved

LITTLE ROCK — The state Board of Education on Thursday approved new mathematics standards for public schools after being told the standards would introduce more rigor and practical applications into the curriculum.

Medicaid funding bill fails in Senate

LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Legislature’s fiscal session ground to a temporary halt Thursday, its second day, after the Senate rejected a bill to fund the state Medicaid program and the House rejected a bill that the Legislature is required to pass before it passes any other bills.