Former Democratic candidate for governor endorses Hutchinson

LITTLE ROCK — A former Democratic candidate for governor on Monday endorsed Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson.

“I believe that Asa will honor our state’s commitment to education and that his plans for computer science education and workforce skills training will strengthen Arkansas’ education system. Education is our national defense,” Lynette Bryant, a Little Rock substitute teacher, said in a statement released by the Hutchinson campaign.

Democrat Mike Ross easily defeated the little-known Bryant in the May primary, receiving 84 percent of the vote. Hutchinson received 73 percent of the vote against a lesser-known challenger, Little Rock businessman Curtis Coleman, who also endorsed him.

Bryant said Hutchinson has shown “commitment, consistency and determination” and is a proven leader.

“When Asa reached out to me, I saw that he is willing to take a bipartisan approach to working for a better Arkansas,” she said. “I am proud to endorse Asa Hutchinson for governor of Arkansas. I encourage all of my supporters to vote for Asa in November.”

Hutchinson said in a statement Monday, “I am pleased to receive the endorsement of Dr. Lynette Bryant. She is a tireless worker and a passionate supporter of causes that are important to all Arkansans. Though we might not agree on every issue, she is an example of bipartisanship at its finest. Reaching across philosophical differences to come together to build a bright future for Arkansas makes me proud to be an Arkansan.”

Ross spokesman Brad Howard said in a statement, “Throughout the primary, Dr. Bryant attacked Mike Ross’ plan to increase access to pre-K, and she attacked Mike Ross for defending Head Start. So, she’s in good company with Congressman Hutchinson, who has called increasing access to pre-K ‘irresponsible’ and ‘the wrong direction’ for Arkansas and who voted to cut Head Start funding when he was in Congress.”