Lincoln County Quorum Court raises millage rates for Gould

The Lincoln County Quorum Court on Monday unanimously approved an ordinance that keeps most tax millage rates the same on real and personal property for the County General, Road and Library funds.

The only changes concerning the city of Gould, whose City General Fund went from 1.8 mills to 2.0 mills. Gould also added a Firemen’s Pension Fund with a 1.0 millage rate. All other rates for Lincoln County, Star City, Grady and local school districts stayed the same as last year.

A mill is one-tenth of a cent. Each mill produces $1 of tax for each $1,000 of a property’s taxable valuation, which is 20 percent of its market value as determined by the county assessor.

County Judge Sam Stephens noted that the ordinance setting the millage rates must be passed by the court in November of each year.

In another matter, the court passed an ordinance transferring $5,500 from General Fund’s unapportioned revenues into the Small Equipment line item for the Sheriff’s Department.

“What is this, Larry?” Justice Drew Steed asked Sheriff Larry McGee.

The sheriff answered that the transfer of money is to “cover a grant” secured for the Sheriff’s Department by State Representative Mike Holcomb.

“It is no money from the county,” said McGee.

McGee said he will use the money to buy three more Tasers stun guns, four cameras and Taser replacement batteries.

“That will pretty much give everybody a Taser,” McGee said. “Tasers have gone up to about a thousand dollars a piece.”

“During the last General Assembly, the state representatives and senators were given each a pretty good amount of General Improvement Funds, and (they are) being given out in the form of grants,” Stephens said.

Stephens said local fire departments received GIF funds, as did the county courthouse.

Lisa McGehee, Stephens’ administrative assistant, said the county already received a $10,000 GIF grant and she is expecting yet another grant. McGehee also said she believes the Senior Citizens Center received $12,000 to replace its roof.

In other business, Ermer Preston of Gould addressed the court about a flooding problem on Chesapeake Road, which she said is about seven miles west of Gould.

Preston said her church, Rankin Chapel, has a flooded parking lot whenever it rains because beavers dams have caused water to back up and farmers on the other side of the church have “made a crossing (but) did not put a culvert there.”

Preston said Chesapeake Road, from Arkansas Highway 114 East to Rankin Chapel, is dangerous in the “least little rain.”

She also said the the ditches on the sides of the road are too narrow to handle much water.

“We’ll come out and look at it and certainly see what we can do,” Stephens said.