Health department’s food inspections

The Arkansas Department of Health regulates the sale of food at establishments which include restaurants, bars, daycares, schools, grocery stores, convenience stores, bed and breakfast facilities, hotels/motels, mobile units and concession stands. Inspections are made unannounced by environmental health specialists. The program consists of plan reviews, pre-opening inspections, permits, routine and follow-up inspections of food service establishments, investigation of complaints, and education of food service workers to promote safe food handling practices.

The following are the results of food safety inspections conducted by the Jefferson County Health Unit:

• Strachota Senior Citizens Center, 801 E. Eighth Ave. Date of inspection July 10. No violations observed during time of inspection.

• Pine Bluff Schools Food Warehouse, 105 S. Walnut St. Date of inspection July 10. Ceiling in food storage area needs to be repaired.

• Subway, 8001 Sheridan Road., White Hall. Date of inspection July 9. Sanitizer strength at 200 ppm. Need lid on trash can in kitchen area (Corrected on site during inspection.)

• Chicken City #5, 7197 Sheridan Road. Date of inspection regarding complaint July 9. Report made at 10:18 a.m. Complaint - hair on frozen, packaged chicken wings (80 oz.) Employee called John Hilger (owner) and he said that his chicken comes from Tyson in Clarksville, Ark., and Robards, Ky. He said that he has had issues in the past with feathers on his 80 oz. wings (#204). He said hat he would have the employees pull the wings with feathers on them and return them to Tyson. He said he will have his employees monitor this more closely. Employee put a sign on the chicken that said the wings (80 oz. bags) were not for sale at this time until they can go through each bag to determine what is good and what is not. Will follow up when chicken wings are sorted through.

• Chicken City #5, 7197 Sheridan Road. Date of follow-up inspection regarding complaint July 9. Report made at 1:25 p.m. Store not going to sell chicken wings with feathers until official can get into contact with USDA to get an answer as to whether they can sell them or not. Health inspector will call the store with an answer when she knows something. Every bag of the 80 oz. chicken wings in the display freezer had what appeared to be feathers on them.

• Harbor Oaks Golf Club, #1 Harbor Oaks. Dates of inspections regarding complaint June 30-July 1. Complaint — not clean, employees using unsafe food handling practices. Facility not open during time of inspection June 30. On visit July 1, inspector reported: Thermometers needed in all coolers and freezers. Need labels on food out of its original package in bulk bins. Food in boxes must be stored at least 6 inches off of the ground. Wiping cloths should be kept in a sanitized solution between uses. Plates should be stored face down to prevent contamination. Trash cans in kitchen area need a lid. Wall near triple sink not cleanable. Need more lighting in kitchen area. All lights in kitchen area should be shielded.