Pryor, Cotton each rake in $1 million in third quarter

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., and U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton, his likely Republican challenger, each raised more than $1 million in campaign cash during the third quarter.

Pryor, who is seeking a third term, reported raising $1,067,818 between July 1 and Sept. 30. He ended the period with more than $4.4 million on hand, according to his latest quarterly report.

Cotton, a freshman congressman from Dardanelle, reported raising $1,072,551 during the quarter. He ended the period with just over $1.8 million on hand, according to his latest quarterly report.

The third-quarter reports were due Tuesday at the Senate Clerk’s office. Senate candidates typically file a paper report. House candidates are required to file online to the Federal Election Commission.

Cotton’s and Pryor’s campaigns each provided the “top sheets” of the third-quarter reports to the Stephens Washington Bureau. Those sheets include basic totals for funds raised, spent and borrowed. They did not provide the larger report that includes details of contributions and expenses.

Pryor ended the quarter maintaining his large cash advantage over Cotton. He began the third quarter with $2.88 million more than Cotton and ended the quarter with $2.61 million more.

The Arkansas senate race is anticipated to be one of the most competitive and expensive in the nation in the 2014 election cycle. Recent polls show Pryor and Cotton neck and neck among likely voters.

Both candidates, as well as outside groups, have already begun running campaign ads in the state with more than a year to go before Election Day.

The quarterly filings also show that Pryor raised $649,010 from individuals and $393,125 from political action committees, and that Cotton raised $855,745 from individuals and $213,785 from PACs.