Woman arrested for allegedly taking items from Walmart

A Pine Bluff woman was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly taking items from Walmart without paying for them.

Tawanda Moore, 50, was charged with theft of property after allegedly taking merchandise that had a total estimated value of $7,000, Pine Bluff Police Detective Jerry Lambert said at a hearing before Jefferson County District Judge Kim Bridgforth on Friday.

Moore allegedly stole a flat-screen television, articles of clothing and cleaning supplies on 10 occasions dating back to 2013 and earlier this year, Lambert said.

“Walmart Loss Prevention contacted Pine Bluff police after investigating alleged thefts” involving Moore as a suspect, Lambert said. Surveillance footage at the retailer showed Moore “taking merchandise without paying for it,” he said.

In one instance Moore was allegedly approaching the store’s exit with a shopping cart containing unpaid items when a loss prevention employee approached her, Lambert said. Moore allegedly pushed the cart back into the store and ran away, Lambert said.

Bridgforth granted a request from Deputy Prosecutor Bryan Achorn that Moore be ordered to avoid Walmart while her criminal case is being processed in the courts. Moore was previously arrested in the 1980s on multiple felony drug charges, Achorn said.