Suspect allegedly threatened witness

A $25,000 bond was set Friday for a man who was under investigation by police for allegedly threatening a witness.

Jefferson County District Judge Kim Bridgforth set the bond after ruling that prosecutors had probable cause to charge Quentin Smiith, 56, with intimidating a witness.

Deputy Prosecutor Bryan Achorn said Smith has been indicted in Minnesota and that state is seeking his return to face charges. In addition, Achorn said Smith has been convicted of multiple domestic violence incidents in Minnesota.

Detective Larry Gailey of the Pine Bluff Police Department said in a probable-cause affidavit that he began an investigation into Smith on March 5, and during the course of that investigation, interviewed Smith’s roommate, a female.

According to the affidavit, Gailey conducted a second interview with the woman on March 13 and during that interview, the woman told Gailey that when she returned home from the first interview, Smith and several of his friends threatened her and told her if she talked to police they “would get her.”

One of those individuals, who was not named in the affidavit, also allegedly tried to hit the woman, Achorn said, adding that the woman told police she had “been staying with friends because she was afraid of Smith.”

The affidavit did not indicate the nature of the initial investigation against Smith.

In addition to setting the bond, Bridgforth ordered Smith to have no contact with the alleged victim until the case is settled.

Regarding the charges in Minnesota, Smith said he would not voluntarily waive extradition and will be held at the adult detention center until Minnesota authorities can obtain a governor’s warrant for him.

Smith said he had an attorney.